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Comedienne "Sweet Baby Kita'

Plays the sassy "Waitress" that everyone encounters at some point in their restaurant experience's. From the very first order she takes.. You won't stop laughing. Why? Because she's going to remind you of your favorite waitress. 

Actor "Brian J"

Better known as "Security" in this project, he brings an edgy but creative energy that every production needs. But he's the worst security ever, because he considers it temporary employment working for Janky.

Comedian "Dr. Foolish"

 "What don't you understand Janky?"

 This question seems to be a worldwide trend, due to "Nutty" never being able to get a straight or truthful answer from Janky.

Quote from his character.

Comedian "Larry Dogg"


"C. Larry" is the character he plays and his style of entertainment definitely caters to this movie. Once he starts fast talking you.. It's a done deal. But not even he could imagine the blessings that were about to fall in his hands. 


Well - Something like a blessing.

Chris "The Mayor" Thomas

This Award Winning Comedian and former BET Host will keep you crying in his role as "Janky". The old school event promoter that just doesn't understand the business, but has all the game in the world. 

  Actor "Shane Perry"

 The internet has a new star by the name of "Mister P" and he's more than the industry is ready for. After he gets a call to be featured in a movie, his dreams finally comes true.


The only problem is that he's really broke and needs the money from this show to get back on track. 

But he has perfected the art of Fake It.. Until You Make It!

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