"What don't you understand Janky?"

Quote from the Character: "Nutty"
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Executive Producer: Timothy Curenton

 The world is recovering from the Pandemic and entertainment begins to flourish again; which motivates the towns biggest promoter "Janky" (Chris "The Mayor" Thomas) to book an event.
 He contacts a few artist's and schedules them for the show in Seattle, Washington. But once they arrive, nothing is secured as promised and they are told it would be the following weekend.
 Problem is. They're broke and was depending on that performance money. Janky lied about the deposits being held up by the bank.
 After finally getting enough money for a room, they walk to the corner market and encounter a gentleman who overhears them mention their situation.
 He immediately invites them to stay with him in his newly remodeled mansion. 
 What a blessing right? Nope.. It's not his. He's a certified

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