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About Chedda Vision

Our Story

  We are committed to doing more than simply talking; which is our founder's ultimate goal. Established in 1996, the business of Marketing and Advertisement became our specialty.

  Understanding that both small and large companies have the same need to reach the masses. That's if they were interested in increasing their revenue, by getting the attention of millions of potential clients without going broke.

  Entertainment has been proven to Inspire, Encourage, Motivate and Persuade communities to stand firm behind global movements. Most importantly, it gives The Artist/s incentive to pursue their dreams. It's our duty to help position them to become the Entrepreneurs, Productive Citizens and/or Community Leaders they've envisioned being. 


"This is Our Movement"...

  This is your invitation to join our efforts to become the world's #1 source of entertainment.


How can you support?


  We are securing event dates with some of the industry's greatest talent/s from around the world to bring their productions to our platform. Music, Film, Stage Plays, Comedy Shows and More. (Also providing opportunity for those interested in possibly joining or working with available productions).

  To show your support please purchase the promo T-Shirt. *

                                                                              Thanks For Your Support!


 Team Members


Director of Sales

"We will help bring your visions to life - so you can rest and enjoy"


Director / Chedda Vision South

"Remember.. One great decision can change your life - Invest in you."


Makeup Executive

"Balance is everything. Not too much and your natural beauty is enhanced"

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